Kingston River Events Committee organises three events each year:

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Kingston Head of the River

14 March:
Starting order,
and Results

20 March
Old poster (gif)
If you've been looking at the older version, please note corrections: Closing date : 12th March,
address for entries: Bury Chase Cottage, Bury Chase, Felsted, Essex CM6 3DQ. 01371 821276
Corrected poster (gif)
[Additional event beyond those on poster: S4 8o]

11 March
starting order, and results

10 March
[ poster on KRC site]


16 March
[poster (gif), + start order]

22 March
start order,
& results (+ note of those disqualified)]

13 March
[info on KRC site: poster & draw; results and photos now available

12 March
[note that J14 & J15 4x divisions were not held at the Schools Head, but corresponding events were included at Kingston Head]
start order + (from KRC);
results (also on KRC website)

Kingston Junior Fours Head of the River
(jointly with Kingston Grammar School)

17 October:

9 October:

7 October
[not happening in 2000, but back again in 2001]

13 October:

5 October

4 October
[cancelled for this year, because of another event at KGS]

9 October
[not happening this year; apologies for conflicting information]

No 2005 date allocated;
15 Oct date now taken by Tiffin SBH

Kingston Small Boats Head of the River

15 November:
and instructions to crews

The committee tried to rearrange the event for 23 January 1999, but owing to a repeat of adverse river conditions the event has regrettably had to be cancelled.

23 January (postponed from Nov 98): Poster.
(1998 event now cancelled owing to adverse river conditions again)

21 November (1999 event):
[poster & results]

5 November
[posterstart order]

[event cancelled because of river conditions; it had been hoped that it might be possible to run the event in January 2001, but sadly this will not be possible]

11 November
[posterstart order, & results]

3 November
[posterposter also on KRC site, start order, & results]

2  November
[poster; new start order;
late notices, if any;
 results now available (also here)]

7 November
[info: entry details; start order, & results when available; also provisional results here]

13 November
[details, incl. start order; results]

Other events on the reach between Hampton Court and Teddington Lock, not organised by the Kingston River Events Committee, include:
1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Teddington Sculls
 later Teddington SBH

28 March:

17 April

26 February

24 February

2 March

5 April
new poster (MSWord doc)

27 March
[ poster, also here; + start order, & instructions to competitors; results]

26 February
[start order;
2 divisions: 1000 & 1300;
results (overall & by event); photos]

Thames Ditton Regatta

16 May

15 May

14 May
(back at Thames Ditton)

9 May

18 May

17 May

15 May

7 May

Kingston Amateur Regatta

11 July:

10 July:
[programme, draw, & results]

8 July
[draw + list of winners]

14 July

13 July

12 July

10 July

9 July

Kingston Borough Regatta

9 July

15 July

14 July

13 July

11 July

10 July

Tiffin Small Boats Head

21 November
results: div 1 & div 2

6 November

18 November
(cancelled )

24 November [new website including on-line entries]

16 November

15 November

13 November
[draw; results from Mikrotime]

19 November
[date CHANGED to 15 Oct]

There are also a number of skiff racing events on the reach.
Also see later years of this page.

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Entries and enquiries for each event should be sent to the officials of the individual events (see the British Rowing Almanack if no details are given above or on the pages referenced), and not to the author of this page.

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