Sunday 19th January 2003
11 am - Tideway

Having looked at the conditions at Staines, and with more rain forecast, it is sadly impossible to run the race there. It will be held on the Tideway based at Thames Rowing Club.

The mandatory briefing for coxswains will be at 9.30 a.m. on 19th January 2003.

The race will start at 11.00 from Battersea Bridge to the bottom of Craven Cottage, a distance of 5,000 metres or 3 miles 188 yards.

Due to the large volume of landwater which is still coming down it is possible that there will be no flood tide. If this is the case the race will be rowed over the same course but against the stream. I know this would not be ideal, so let's all pray for dry weather.

Further instructions below were issued with the start list.

Whilst ample marshals will be provided in launches, crews race at their own risk.

Please select your most experienced coxswains. The Tideway will still have a lot of landwater coming down.

Bring plenty of warm kit in case it's cold in the marshalling area.

The mens veteran handicaps are based on the ARA recommendation for a 16 minute race, which is the best estimate for the 5 km course. If the actual time is very different this will be adjusted accordingly. Only Events with only one entry will not receive trophies, but will be declared division winners.

Vet A, B & C crews are included. The Molesey veteran E crew can consider themselves winners of the D, E & F category! On past experience & the ARA recommendation it is not fair or feasible to include them with the other group.


Crew Status      Name             Veteran handicap
  1  MO8+        Molesey I
  2  MO8+        London I
  3  MO8+        Thames I
  4  MI8+        London II
  5  MI8+        Vesta I
  6  MI8+        Thames II
  7  MI8+        Staines I
  8  MI8+        Kingston I
  9  MI8+        London III
 10  MI8+        Vesta II
 11  MI8+        Thames III
 12  MI8+        Kingston II
 13  MI8+        London IV
 14  MI8+        Vesta III
 15  MVA8+       Staines II           0
 16  MVB8+       London V             10
 17  MVB8+       Thames IV            10
 18  MVB8+       Molesey II           10
 19  MVB8+       Thames V             10
 20  MVC8+       Thames VI            34
 21  MVC8+       Twickenham I         34
 22  MVC8+       Thames VII           34
 23  MVC8+       Molesey III          34
 24  MVC8+       Thames VIII          34
 25  MVE8+       Molesey IV       Not included in veteran event
 26  MN8+        Thames IX
 27  WI8+        Thames X
 28  WI8+        Vesta IV
 29  WI8+        Twickenham II
 30  WI8+        Staines II
 31  WI8+        Molesey V
 32  WI8+        Thames XI
 33  WI8+        Vesta V
 34  WI8+        Thames XII
 35  WVA8+       Staines III
 36  WVA8+       Molesey VI
 37  WN8+        Thames XIII
 38  WN8+        Thames XIV
 39  WJ16 8+     Molesey VII
 40  WJ15 8x+    Thames XV

Results now available

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