2003 Henley Boat Races

SUNDAY 30th MARCH 2003
Some questions answered

As some of the websites about the races are out of date, I've tried to answer some questions which were asked on the newsgroup rsr, & added a few extra points.

The question was:

> Can anyone point me towards a nice parent-friendly website for the
> Oxford-Cambridge Henley boat races this year. Things likely to please
> them are details of parking, refreshments, a map of the course would be
> nice, and a timetable of events (my word not being good enough).
> Thanks!

To which my answer was:

Although there are quite a number of websites, they all seem to be out of date (referring to previous years) . Much of the information will still be relevant, though.  

[but I've subsequently found some more up-to-date info at http://www.cuwbc.soc.ucam.org/index.php]

Parking is available in Lion Meadow, down the lane behind Leander, leading towards the HRR enclosures.
Refreshments at Remenham Club are for ticket-holders only, but I think Upper Thames RC do refreshments for the public.
Map of the first part of the course here.
If you look at the map here, you'll find Henley Bridge near the Southern edge of the map, & the start is a liitle to the North of that. The finish line is to the West of Temple Island, roughly on the Northern boundary of the map.

[And I've just found a useful map on CULRC's site.]

The results were as follows:

1-30pm Nephthys v. Granta                  Granta in 6:19 by 2 1/2 lengths 
2.00pm Osiris v. Blondie                   Osiris in 6:43 by 2 lengths
2.30pm OULRC Women v. CUWBC Lightweights   Oxford in 6:51 by 2 lengths 
3.00pm OUWBC v. CUWBC                      Oxford in 6:35 by 3 1/2 lengths
3.30pm OULRC v. CULRC                      Oxford in 5:55 by 1 1/4 lengths

Additional information:

Dark Blue crews are named on the Torpids bumps chart
Cambridge women's crews now named

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