The following athletes and coaches were selected for the Nations Cup (Under 23 World Championships) in Milan, July 25th-27th 1997:


Double Scull (6th) Claire Fox Kingston R.C.
Victoria Fangen Kingston R.C.
Single Scull (10th) Elise Laverick Thames R.C.
Coxless Pair (GOLD MEDAL) Katherine Grainger Edinburgh Uni. B.C.
Francesca Zino Magdalene B.C.
Coxless Four (4th) Claire Vincent U.L.W.B.C.
Josephine Andrews Nottingham Uni. B.C.
Alison Trickey I.C.B.C.
Sarah Welch Bristol Uni. B.C.
Lightweight Single Scull (5th) Sarah Watts U.L.W.B.C.
Lightweight Double Scull (12th) Mary Stevens Kingston R.C.
Kate Holton Evesham R.C.


Quadruple Scull (10th) Simon Cottle O.U.B.C
Mark Hammond Notts. County R.A.
Tom Gale Queens Tower B.C.
Mark Hunter Poplar, Blackwall & D.
Double Scull (7th) Andrew Bird Leander Club
Tim Kingswell Poplar, Blackwall & D.
Single Scull (4th) Simon Goodbrand Rob Roy B.C.
Coxless Pair (5th) Edward Coode Newcastle Uni. B.C.
Stephen Trapmore Notts County R.A.
Coxless Four (5th) Toby Carson Oxford Brookes U.B.C.
Daniel Marett Oxford Brookes U.B.C.
Stephen Williams Oxford Brookes U.B.C.
Fred Scarlett Oxford Brookes U.B.C.
Coxed Four (5th) David Hutchins U.L.B.C.
Simon Fieldhouse U.L.B.C.
Damian Wright U.L.B.C.
James Edwards U.L.B.C.
Roland Douglas Oxford Brookes U.B.C.
Eight (9th) Nigel Sargant I.C.B.C.
Alex Large Queens Tower B.C.
Edward Cook I.C.B.C.
Tom Bray I.C.B.C.
Philip Simmons Molesey B.C.
Brian Steele Molesey B.C.
Stefan Eyre I.C.B.C.
Nick Robinson O.U.B.C.
Cox: Mark Hussey I.C.B.C.
Lightweight Single Scull (7th) Tim Male Tideway Scullers Sch.
Lightweight Quadruple Scull (5th) Gareth Ireland Uni. London B.C.
Richard Adams Uni. London B.C.
Stephen Lee Walton R.C.
Tom Middleton Downing College B.C.
Lightweight Coxless Four (6th) Aidan Tucker Notts County R.A.
Michael Louzado Notts County R.A.
Gareth Davis Notts County R.A.
Giles Cundell Oxford Brookes U.B.C.


Team Manager David Tanner
Assistant Team Manager Louise Kingsley
Team Doctor Dr Shauna McGibbon
Team Physiotherapist Greg Retter


Women: Ian South, Hamish Burrell, Adrian Roberts, Guy Ingram, Chris Elmitt, Maurice Hayes

Men: Richard Spratley, Ali Paterson, Jim Bichard, Martin Kay, Wade Hall-Craggs, Terry Hunter, David Rachel, Alan Inns + 1

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