Remenham Club, Henley
Saturday 26th July 1997


Women's J16 8+

Queen Elizabeth High School & Bedford High School.

K.L.Burgoine, R.E.Hunt, L.H.Speight, K.L.Holden, A.J.Banwell, S.L.Davidson, E.Dobson, A.K.Phillips, A.Higgs. Coach: C.Grabham.

lost by 1 1/2 l, 5.28

Men's J16 lX

Stirling Amateur Boating & Swimming Club.

K.Watson. Coach: D Plank

lost easily, 5.24

Women's J16 2X

Bedfordshire Schools Rowing Association.

A.Finch, T.Stamer. Coach: D.Pendall.

lost easily, 5.47

Men's J16 4X

Star Club.

E.Fox, R.Hunter, S.Taylor, T.Stapleton. Coach: K.Stapleton.

lost by 1 1/2 l, 4.52

Men's J16 4-

Eton College.

O.J.Ripley, E.J.Griftiths, A.J.McGarel-Groves, C.R.Pinsent. Coach: N.C.W.Sellers

won by 5 l, 4.57

Women's J16 1X

Burway Rowing Club.

L.Collins. Coach: R. Wells

lost easily, 6.14

Men's J16 2X

Royal Grammar School, Worcester.

D.N.G.Gilbert, M.D.L.Williams. Coach: S.F.Trundle.

won by 1 foot, 5.15

Women's J16 4X

Gloucester Rowing Club.

S.E.Williams, H.E.Cogger, B.C.Rodford, M.L.Ward. Coach: M.Pollard.

lost by 4 l, 5.27

Men's J16 4+

Kingston Grammar School.

J.J.Alexander, M.E.A.Schuldt, N.M.Major, J.D.Bottomley, K.O.Wilson-Clarke. Coach: P.Sheppard.

lost by 2 1/2 l, 5.11

Women's J16 4-

Lady Eleanor Holles School.

H.Gingell, C.Boorer, V.McNair, A.Fangen. Coach: D.Honey.

lost by a canvas, 5.27

Men's J16 2-

Hampton School.

S.R.Croucher, M.J.Smith. Coach: Miss P.Message.

lost by 1 l, 5.33

Men's J16 8+

Bedford School & Shrewsbury School.

M.Hadaway, E.Gardner, S.Smith, B.Dixon, R.Sugden, B.Lord, A.Farmer, J.Whateley, J.Maclean. Coach: S.A.Fox.

won by 1/2 l, 4.44

France Great Britain
Boys 4 3
Girls 5 0
Overall 9 3

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