Vitré, France
Saturday 24th July 2004


Team Manager GB:  CD Riches.

Umpires: Jean-Pierre Renard, Jean Claude Liermann, Catherine Wittrand, Ian Fisher, David Biddulph.

W8o Headington/ Goucester/ Evesham

Alex Richardson, Charlotte Jetteries, Jenny Cogger, Rowan Eeles, Emma Purfield, Cherrie Gayton, Emma Woodedd, Chloe Farrar, Anna Cilvers cox; Coach Norman Redgewell

Won in 5:12.21 to FRA 5:15.17

M1x St George's College

Ben Thomas; Coach Gareth Walters

Won in 5:35.69 to FRA 5:38.73

W2x Newark RC

Alice Leake, Naomi Coe;  Coach Steve Collins

Won in 5:42.57 to FRA 5:49.55

M4x Tiffin School

Jeff Wilkinson, Adam Williams, Oliver Offord, Michael Hams; Coach Chris Grimble

Won in 4:42.91 to FRA 4:51.02

M4- St Edward's School

Thomas Leitch, Daniel Cadoux-Hudson, William Jackson, Robert Lee; Coach John Wiggins

Won in 4:54.10 to FRA 4:54.64

W1x St Peter's School

Rosie Gaunt; Coach Richard Smalman-Smith

Won by FRA in 6:10.38 to GB 6:23.62

M2x Walton RC

Oliver Collins, Joshua Wedlake; Coach Nick de Cata

Won by FRA in 5:05.27 to GB 5:05.98

W4x Molesey BC

Rebecca Peart, Sarah Payne, Danielle Graham, Annabel Davies;  Coach Peter Sheppard

Won by FRA in 5:12.35 to GB 5:29.05

M4+ Abingdon School

Mark Williams, Marcus Nurton, Chris Edson, Tom Rafhery, Adam Fogg (cox);  Coach Russell Slatford

Won by FRA in 4:58.76 to GB 5:00.01

W4- St Leonards School

Rachel Fawcett, Hannah Tyson, Laura Richardson, Hannah Dalkin;  Coach Peter Graham

Won in 5:33.74 to FRA 5:37.80

M2- St Leonards School

Matthew Pallister, Nathaniel O'Donnell; Coach Bill Parker

Won in 5:13.96 to FRA 5:18.15

M8o St George's College/ Shrewsbury School/ Abingdon School

Daniel Etheridge, Joe Bailey, Mark Smith, Neil Sweeney, Oliver Turner, Freddie Hay, Will Gray, Neil Houlsby, Andy Graham (cox); Coach Gareth Walters

Won in 4:32.18 to FRA 4:37.38

France Great Britain
Boys 2 5
Girls 2 3
Overall 4 8

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