Nantes, France
Saturday 22nd July 2000


Team Manager GB Peter Politzer, assisted by Sharon Noble.
The French organiser was Lionel Girard from Nantes-Aviron.

Umpires: Chris Sprague, Ian Fisher, Daniel Dubois, Gerard Justin, Catherine Wittrand.

W8o Headington/ LEH/ Surbiton High

C Bell, V Wrigley, E Hodges, E Randolph, P Gleave, C Richardson, S Gardner, L Greenhalgh, C Murphy cox Coach D Marsden

Lost by 3.6sec

1x St Edwards School

M Lambourn. Coach A Bird

Lost by 35 secs (pulled a muscle in his forearm at about 1000 metres when in the lead)

W2x Durham ARC

J Eddie, A Eddie. Coach G Beattie

Lost by 9.7secs

4x Molesey School RA

S Elks, T Barrett, D Bull, B Pugh (str) Coach A Cosgrove

Lost by 4.6 secs

4- Hampton School

A Pratt, J Mclean, O Butt, E Boyns (str) Coach S Wilkinson

Lost by 1sec

W1x Queens Park High School

S Orr Coach N Orme

Won by 6.3 sec

2x Dulwich College

G Vaizey, J Dunley Coach S Wooldbridge

Lost by 16 secs

W4x Henley RC

J Desmond, B Steele, F Compton, S Fellowes Coach C Boothroyd

Lost by 6secs

4+ Kings School Chester

E Earlham, R Irving, T James, C Bartley, (Str), B Smithers (cox) Coach N Orme

Lost by 0.6 of a second

W4- Bedford High School

S Garland, H Brocklehurst, A Banham-Hall, A Kovac Coach Mrs E Singfield

Lost by 4.3 secs

2- Westminster School

J Holborn, J Summerfield Coach CD Riches

Lost by 16.5 secs

8o Abingdon School

A Addis,W Burdall, F Hemsley, T Ghiver, D Easterbrook, T Strockford, J Tarrell, T Kingham(str) T Wilson (cox) Coach R Slatford

Won by 3.4 secs

France Great Britain
Overall 10 2

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