The 61st Women's Eights Head of the River Race

3 March 2001 at 09:15

Start list in Alphabetic Order
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Note: The weather conditions are being monitored and it is hoped the race will go ahead. Crews travelling long distances should contact the event organisers for latest update before travelling.

      The Women's Eights Head of the River Race                  
      Start list            
      March 3rd     2001    9.15am          Mortlake to Putney 4.25miles            

Start         Club                                                   Event   Award        

   212        ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY BC                                    N(U)U
   172        AGEC/BFD/HNL/LDR/MW/RBRY/SH/WBK                           V
   173        ALKMAARSCHE RV                                            V   O
   161        ANGARIA HANNOVER                                          E   O
   183        ARMY RC                                                   S3          H
   162        ASSOCIATION ROMANDE D'AVIRON                              E   O
    23        AURIOL KENSINGTON RC A                                    S2  C
    59        AURIOL KENSINGTON RC B                                    S2  C
    82        AURIOL KENSINGTON RC C                                    N(C)C
   213        AURIOL KENSINGTON RC D                                    N(C)C
    27        AVON COUNTY RC                                            S2  C       P
   174        B B LADIES/THAMES/THAMES TR/UPTON                         V
    68        BADEN RC                                                  E   O
    99        BARNES BRIDGE LADIES RC A                                 S2  C
   184        BARNES BRIDGE LADIES RC B                                 S3  C
    51        BATH UNIVERSITY BC                                        S3  U       B
    28        BEDFORD RC                                                S2  C       P
   163        BELVOIR RC                                                E   O
    17        BENRATH RG                                                E   O
   185        BENTHAM BC                                                S3  C
   132        BEWDLEY RC A                                              S2  C       P
   175        BEWDLEY RC B                                              S2  C       P
   186        BIRMINGHAM, UNIVERSITY OF BC                              S3  U       B
    88        BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY BC                                 S2
   109        BRISTOL, CITY OF RC                                       S2  C       P
     9        BRISTOL, UNIVERSITY OF BC A                               S3  U       B
   110        BRISTOL, UNIVERSITY OF BC B                               N(U)U       B
   176        BRITISH POLICE RA                                         S2
    41        BROXBOURNE RC                                             S1  C       P
    20        CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY WBC A                                S3  U
    22        CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY WBC B                                S3  U
    32        CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY WBC C                                S3  U
   104        CAMBRIDGE, CITY OF RC                                     S2  C       P
   206        CANFORD SCHOOL BC                                         SJ
   117        CANTABRIGIAN RC                                           S2  C       P
    13        CLYDESDALE ARC A                                          S2  C       P
   177        CLYDESDALE ARC B                                          S2  C       P
   113        COLLINGWOOD COLLEGE BC (DURHAM) A                         S3  U
   152        COLLINGWOOD COLLEGE BC (DURHAM) B                         N(U)U
   167        DAME ALICE H SCH/NCRA/QUEENS PARK                         S1
   207        DAME ALICE HARPUR SCHOOL BC                               SJ
   187        DERBY/DERWENT RC                                          S3
    81        DUBLIN UNIVERSITY LBC  A                                  E   O/U
   164        DUBLIN UNIVERSITY LBC  B                                  E   O/U
    65        DURHAM ARC A                                              S2  C       P
   126        DURHAM ARC B                                              S2  C       P
    36        DURHAM UNIVERSITY WBC A                                   S3  U
    90        DURHAM UNIVERSITY WBC B                                   S3
   140        EAST ANGLIA, UNIVERSITY OF BC                             N(U)
   214        EAST LONDON, UNIVERSITY OF BC                             N(U)U
    40        EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY BC A                                 S3  U
   133        EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY BC B                                 N(U)U
   188        ERITH/GRVSND/MDSTN INV/MDWY TNS RC                        S3
    79        ETON EXCELSIOR RC                                         S2  C
   112        EVESHAM RC                                                S2  C       P
    80        EXETER RC A                                               S2  C       P
   215        EXETER RC B                                               N(C)C       P
   137        EXETER UNIVERSITY BC A                                    S3  U       B
   142        EXETER UNIVERSITY BC B                                    N(U)U       B
    26        FURNIVALL SC A                                            S1  C
    70        FURNIVALL SC B                                            S2  C
   216        FURNIVALL SC C                                            N(C)C
    49        GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LADIES BC A                            S3  U
   102        GLASGOW UNIVERSITY LADIES BC B                            N(U)U
    29        GLOUCESTER RC                                             S3  C       P
    12        GROSVENOR RC A                                            S2  C       P
   168        GROSVENOR RC B                                            S1  C       P
   217        GROSVENOR RC C                                            N(C)C       P
   106        GUILDFORD RC                                              S3  C       P
    50        HABERDASHERS' MON SC FOR GIRLS RC                         SJ
    57        HANSA DORTMUND VON 1898 RC                                E   O
   169        HEADINGTON SCHOOL OXFORD BC A                             S1
   208        HEADINGTON SCHOOL OXFORD BC B                             SJ
    84        HEREFORD RC                                               N(C)C       P
   144        HSBC RC                                                   S3  C
   218        IMPERIAL COLLEGE BC                                       N(U)U       B
     5        IMPERIAL COLLEGE/QUEENS TOWER BC A                        E
    37        IMPERIAL COLLEGE/QUEENS TOWER BC B                        S1
   178        IMPERIAL COLLEGE/QUEENS TOWER BC C                        S2
   219        KENT, UNIVERSITY OF RC                                    N(U)
    95        KINGS COLLEGE LONDON BC A                                 S3  U
   130        KINGS COLLEGE LONDON BC B                                 N(U)U
   159        KINGS COLLEGE LONDON BC C                                 N(U)U
   220        KINGS COLLEGE LONDON BC D                                 N(U)U
   241        KINGS COLLEGE LONDON BC E                                 N(U)U
   209        KINGSTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BC                                SJ
     3        KINGSTON RC A                                             S3  C
    43        KINGSTON RC B                                             S3  C
    54        KINGSTON UNIVERSITY BC                                    S3
    10        LADY ELEANOR HOLLES, THE BC A                             SJ
    74        LADY ELEANOR HOLLES, THE BC B                             N(C)
   131        LANCASTER UNIVERSITY BC                                   S3  U       B
    48        LEA RC A                                                  S2  C
   122        LEA RC B                                                  N(C)C
    76        LEEDS UNIVERSITY BC A                                     S3  U       B
   127        LEEDS UNIVERSITY BC B                                     N(U)U       B
   189        LEICESTER UNIVERSITY BC                                   S3  U       B
   190        LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY BC                                   S3  U       B
    33        LLANDAFF RC A                                             S1  C       P
   111        LLANDAFF RC B                                             S3  C       P
   221        LLANDAFF RC C                                             N(C)C       P
    16        LOUGHBOROUGH BC                                           S2  C       P
   222        MAGDALEN COLLEGE BC (OXFORD)                              N(U)U
    94        MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY BC A                                S3  U
   145        MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY BC B                                N(U)U
     1        MARLOW RC A                                               E   C
    19        MARLOW RC B                                               S1  C
    72        MARLOW RC C                                               S2  C
   223        MARLOW RC D                                               N(C)C
   191        MERTON COLLEGE BC (OXFORD)                                S3  U
   192        MILTON KEYNES RC                                          S3  C       P
   179        MINERVA BATH RC                                           S2  C       P
     2        MOLESEY BC A                                              E   C
    14        MOLESEY BC B                                              S2  C
   224        MOLESEY BC C                                              N(C)C
    21        MORTLAKE A&A  A                                           S2  C
   148        MORTLAKE A&A B                                            N(C)C
   193        MORTLAKE A&A/ QUINTIN BC                                  S3
   210        MUNSTER VON 1882 RV                                       SJ  O
    87        NANTES, UNIVERSITY OF BC                                  E   O/U
    60        NEUSSER RV                                                E   O
    34        NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY BC A                                 S3  U       B
   105        NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY BC B                                 N(U)U       B
   157        NORTHAMPTON RC                                            S3  C       P
    86        NORTHWICH RC                                              S2  C       P
   194        NORTHWICH/WARRINGTON RC                                   S3
    64        NORWICH RC A                                              S2  C       P
   143        NORWICH RC B                                              S3  C       P
   195        NORWICH RC C                                              S3  C       P
   180        NOTTINGHAM & UNION BC A                                   S2  C       P
   196        NOTTINGHAM & UNION BC B                                   S3  C       P
    35        NOTTINGHAM BC                                             S1  C       P
   141        NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY RC                            N(U)U       B
    18        NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY BC A                                S2  U       B
    78        NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY BC B                                S2  U       B
     7        OSIRIS A                                                  S2  U       B
    44        OSIRIS B                                                  S3  U       B
    53        OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY BC A                            S3
    71        OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY BC B                            N(U)U
    15        OXFORD UNIVERSITY WLBC A                                  S3  U       B
    47        OXFORD UNIVERSITY WLBC B                                  S3  U       B
    45        OXFORD, CITY OF RC A                                      S2  C
    97        OXFORD, CITY OF RC B                                      N(C)C
   107        PARR'S PRIORY RC A                                        S2  C
   150        PARR'S PRIORY RC B                                        S2  C
   197        PARR'S PRIORY RC C                                        S3  C
   225        PEMBROKE COLLEGE (OXFORD) BC                              N(U)U
    61        PENGWERN BC                                               S2  C       P
    75        PETERBOROUGH CITY RC A                                    V   C       P
   198        PETERBOROUGH CITY RC B                                    S3  C       P
   165        PHOCAS                                                    E   O/U
   116        PUTNEY TOWN RC A                                          S3  C
   226        PUTNEY TOWN RC B                                          N(C)C
   227        QUEEN MARY & WESTFIELD COLL BC                            N(U)U
   228        R.E.M.E. RC                                               N(C)        H
    83        READING RC A                                              S2  C
   123        READING RC B                                              N(C)C
    69        READING UNIVERSITY BC                                     S2  U       B
   170        REBECCA                                                   S1
    11        ROB ROY BC A                                              S2  C       P
    89        ROB ROY BC B                                              S3  C       P
   100        ROSS RC A                                                 S2  C       P
   229        ROSS RC B                                                 N(C)C       P
   199        ROYAL AIR FORCE RC                                        S3          H
   129        ROYAL FREE & UNIV COLLEGE MED SCH BC A                    S3  U       B
   155        ROYAL FREE & UNIV COLLEGE MED SCH BC B                    N(U)U       B
   181        ROYAL HOLLWY (UNIV OF LOND)/STAINES A                     S2
   230        ROYAL HOLLWY (UNIV OF LOND)/STAINES BC                    N(U)
   120        ROYAL NAVY RC                                             S3          H
   231        ROYAL VETERINARY COLLEGE BC                               N(U)U
   200        SALFORD UNIVERSITY BC                                     S3  U       B
   201        SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY RC                            S3  U       B
    91        SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY RC A                                 S3  U       B
   128        SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY RC B                                 S3  U       B
   202        SOMERVILLE COLLEGE BC (OXFORD)                            S3  U
    62        SONS OF THE THAMES RC A                                   S2  C
    77        SONS OF THE THAMES RC B                                   S3  C
   203        SOUTHAMPTON COALPORTERS ARC                               S3  C       P
    98        SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY BC A                               S3  U       B
   232        SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY BC B                               N(U)U       B
   204        ST AIDANS COLLEGE BC (DURHAM)                             S3  U
    56        ST ANDREW BC A                                            S2  C       P
   233        ST ANDREW BC B                                            N(C)C       P
   124        ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY BC                                  S3  U       B
   119        ST BARTS & THE ROYAL LONDON HOSP BC                       N(U)U
   234        ST CUTHBERTS SOCIETY BC (DURHAM)                          N(U)U
   125        ST GEORGES HOSPITAL MED SCH BC                            S3  U
    85        ST HILD & ST BEDE COLL BC (DURHAM) A                      S3  U
   138        ST HILD& ST BEDE COLL BC (DURHAM) B                       N(U)U
   151        ST HILD& ST BEDE COLL BC (DURHAM) C                       N(U)U
   211        ST PAULS GIRLS SCHOOL BC                                  SJ
    66        STAR RC A                                                 S2  C       P
   121        STAR RC B                                                 N(C)C       P
   101        STRATFORD-UPON-AVON BC                                    N(C)C       P
    92        STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY BC                                 N(U)U
   103        SUDBURY RC                                                S2  C       P
    52        TEGEL RV                                                  E   O
     8        THAMES RC A                                               E   C
    24        THAMES RC B                                               S1  C
    25        THAMES RC C                                               S2  C
    73        THAMES RC D                                               S2  C
    96        THAMES RC E                                               E   C
   149        THAMES RC F                                               S2  C
   160        THAMES RC G                                               N(C)C
   205        THAMES RC H                                               S3  C
   235        THAMES RC I                                               N(C)C
   242        THAMES RC J                                               N(C)C
   243        THAMES RC K                                               N(C)C
   171        THAMES TRADESMEN'S RC A                                   S1  C
   236        THAMES TRADESMEN'S RC B                                   N(C)C
     4        TIDEWAY SCULLERS SCHOOL A                                 S1  C
    46        TIDEWAY SCULLERS SCHOOL B                                 S2  C
   237        TORQUAY RC                                                N(C)C       P
    30        TWICKENHAM RC A                                           S1  C
    67        TWICKENHAM RC B                                           S2  C
   108        TYNE RC                                                   S3  C       P
   238        UMIST BC                                                  N(U)U
   135        UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (DURHAM) BC A                          S3  U
   239        UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (DURHAM) BC B                          N(U)U
   118        UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON WBC A                           N(U)U
   146        UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON WBC B                           N(U)U
   153        UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NW, BANGOR RC                       N(U)U       B
   166        UNIVERSITY OF LONDON WBC                                  E
     6        UPPER THAMES RC A                                         E   C
    31        UPPER THAMES RC B                                         S1  C
   136        UPTON RC A                                                S3  C       P
   240        UPTON RC B                                                N(C)C       P
    39        VESTA RC A                                                S2  C
    63        VESTA RC B                                                S2  C
   134        VESTA RC C                                                S3  C
   139        VESTA RC D                                                S3  C
    42        WALBROOK & ROYAL CANOE CLUB A                             S2  C
   158        WALBROOK & ROYAL CANOE CLUB B                             S3  C
    38        WALLINGFORD RC A                                          S2  C
    58        WALLINGFORD RC B                                          S1  C
    93        WARWICK, UNIVERSITY OF BC A                               S3  U       B
   154        WARWICK, UNIVERSITY OF BC B                               N(U)U       B
   114        WEST OF ENGLAND, UNIVERSITY OF RC A                       S3  U       B
   147        WEST OF ENGLAND, UNIVERSITY OF RC B                       N(U)U       B
   115        WEYBRIDGE RC A                                            S1  C
   182        WEYBRIDGE RC B                                            S2  C
   156        WORCESTER RC                                              S2  C       P
    55        YORK, UNIVERSITY OF BC                                    S3  U       B   

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