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I've put the winners of each status here in bold italics, but now see full results overall, & by events.

 	Start	Event		Name		Club			
	1	J 4x				Dulwich College			
	2	J 4x				Kings College School			
	3	J14 8x				Kingston Grammar School			
	4	J14 8x				Hampton			
	5	WJ14 8x				Kingston Grammar School			
	6	J14 4x				Kingston Grammar School			
	7	J14 4x		A		Hampton			
	8	J14 4x				Dulwich College			
	9	J14 4x				Westminster School			
	10	J14 4x				Molesey			
	11	J14 4x		B		Hampton			
	12	WJ15 4x		A		Kingston Grammar School
	13	WJ15 4x		B		Kingston Grammar School
	14	WJ15 4x (14)			Molesey Schools R.A.
	15	WJ13 4x				Putney High School
	16	WJ13 4x				Molesey Schools R.A.
			5-10 min BREAK	
	17	S3 2x		Boote/Bennett	Dulwich College
	18	S3 2x		Hopkins/ano	Staines
	19	VD/E 2x (D)	Merrall/Sweeney	Kingston
	20	VD/E 2x (D)	Cocker/Lanzer	Walbrook
	21	VD/E 2x (E)	Holmes/Morley	Weybridge
	22	N 2x		Monk/Youd	Walbrook
	23	N 2x		Reynolds/Cocker	Walbrook
	24	N 2x		French/ano	Walbrook
	25	SO 1x		Rogers		Vesta
	26	SO 1x		Fraser		Kingston
	27	S1 1x		Curran		Kingston
	28	S1 1x		Wheeler		Walbrook
	29	S1 1x		Smallman-Smith	Hampton
	30	S1 1x (S2)	Pratley		Kingston
	31	J 1x		Smith		Tideway Scullers
	32	J 1x		Woodrow		Westminster School
	33	J 1x		Masania		Tideway Scullers
	34	J 1x		Keene		Molesey
	35	J 1x		Hart		Tiffin School
	36	J 1x		McNally		Tideway Scullers
	37	J 1x		Barry		Westminster School
	38	S3 1x		Bennett		Curlew
	39	S3 1x		Bailey		Kingston
	40	S3 1x		Persad		Thames Tradesman
	41	S3 1x		Mercer		Kingston
	42	VB/C (B) 1x	Thomas		Walbrook
	43	VB/C (B) 1x	Jillings	Molesey
	44	VB/C (C) 1x	Moisley		Vesta
	45	VB/C (C) 1x	Tompkins	Kingston
	46	VD/E (D) 1x	Gait		Kingston
	47	VD/E (D) 1x	Mulcahy		Skiff Club
	48	VD/E (E) 1x	Findlay		Quintin
	49	VF/G (F) 1x	Brandon		Molesey
	50	VF/G (G) 1x	Gramolt		Tideway Scullers
	51	N 1x		Kelly		Tideway Scullers
	52	N 1x		Pert		Kingston
	53	N 1x		Lorenzi		Staines
	54	N 1x		Predieri	University of Surrey
	55	N 1x		El-Shirbiny	Tiffin School
	56	N 1x		Ingham		Kingston
	57	WJ16 1x		Brewster	Tideway Scullers
	58	J16 1x		Friend		Henley
	59	J16 1x		Pugh		Molesey
	60	J16 1x		Fulton		Dulwich College
	61	J16 1x		Furlong		Westminster School
	62	J16 1x		Bull		Molesey
	63	J16 1x		Thompson	Henley
	64	J16 1x		Dunley		Dulwich College
	65	J16 1x		Elks		Molesey
	66	J15 1x		Zakrewski	Tideway Scullers
	67	J15 1x		Smith-Willis	Henley
	68	J15 1x		Martin		Molesey Schools R.A.
	69	J15 1x		Davies		Henley
	70	J15 1x		Cannon		Dulwich College
	71	WS2 1x		Filsell		Vospers
	72	WS2 1x		Murray		Walbrook
	73	WS3 1x		Field		Walbrook
	74	WS3 1x		Birch		Kingston
	75	WS3 1x		Calvert-Ansari	Tideway Scullers
	76	WJ 1x		Sherriff	Tideway Scullers
	77	WJ 1x		Theophilus	Westminster School
	78	WJ16 1x		Bell    	Molesey
	79	WVC 1x		Gait		Nat West RC
	80	WVC 1x		Cox		Walbrook
	81	WN 1x		Cameron		Tideway Scullers
	82	WN 1x		Small		Vesta
	83	WN 1x		Woodham		Walbrook
	84	WN 1x		Cass		University of Surrey
	85	WN 1x		Bateman		Skiff Club
	86	WVD 2x (time)	Lester/Cammish	Walbrook
	87	J13 1x		Lambert		Tideway Scullers
	88	J13 1x		Lomergen	Tideway Scullers
	89	J13 1x		Stoner		Tideway Scullers
	90	N 1x		Gooderick	Skiff Club
	91	Skiff		Bridson/Allen	Skiff Club
	92	Skiff		Nisson/Gegory	Skiff Club

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