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Notices from year 2000
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13 Sep 2000
London Regatta Centre is looking for part-time rowing instructors. Contact Simon McCarthy on 020 7511 2211.

Message from the Boston Marathon:  "Due to the uncertain circumstances caused by the present fuel crisis we feel we have no alternative other than to cancel this Sunday’s Marathon.  Whether we attempt to reschedule the event to the near future is as yet undecided.
Jeff Elms, Race Secretary."

12 Sep 2000
Message from the ARA Women's Rowing Commission: "The UK Women's Rowing Commission has commissioned a survey to try to better understand why so few women are involved in the administration of our sport.  They are interested in hearing from UK Women who are involved in rowing (coach, athlete, spectator, fun participant).  Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire, there are 34 questions and it takes approx. 8 minutes to complete."

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