World Rowing Championships

5th - 11th August 1996

Strathclyde Country Park, Scotland

Great Britain Junior Crews

Junior Men

Coxless four: 5th
Duncan McLellan (Hampton)
Daniel Ouseley (St Paul's)
Jonathon Keech (Hampton)
Thomas Stallard (Oundle)

Michael Smith (King's, Canterbury)
Anthony Scoon (King's College School)
Ross Edwards (Kingston GS)
Alex Hagger (Hampton)
Daniel Snow (St Paul's)
Edward Russell (Abingdon)
Toby Gayner (Radley)
Edward Foster (Eton)
cox:	Charles Pank (Abingdon).

Coxed four: 15th
Charles Tillett (Shrewsbury)
William Alexander (Bedford)
Richard Stokes (Shrewsbury)
Paul Singfield (Bedford)
cox:	Adam Wood (Bedford Schools RA).

Coxed pair: 5th
John Crockett (Eton)
Joseph von Maltzahn (Eton)
cox:	Daniel Kuropatwa (Hampton).

Coxless pair: 13th
Robert Sanders (RGS Newcastle)
Mark Dodds (King's, Chester).

Quad scull: 8th
Gareth Ireland (Windsor Boys)
Christopher Hugill (Durham)
Angus Warner (Maidstone)
Mark Hunter (Poplar).

Double scull: 11th
James di Luzio (Mortlake)
Timothy Kingswell (Norwich).

Junior Women

Coxless four: 6th
Laura Fitzgibbon (George Watson's)
Louise Redknap (Kingston GS)
Isabel Walker (George Watson's)
Penny Welch (Lady Eleanor Holles)

Coxless pair: 6th
Nicole Scott (Nithdale)
Faye McDowall (George Watson's)

Quad scull: 4th
Stephanie Price (Pengwern)
Frances Houghton (King's, Canterbury)
Lucy Heise (King's, Canterbury)
Nicola Ledger (Kingston).

Double scull: 11th
Suzanne Edwards (Stourport)
Kate Holton (Evesham).

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