Henley Women's Regatta

21-22 June 1997

Results of finals

Page produced 22 Jun 97, corrected 28 Jun 97.

Event   Winners                   Losing finalists      Verdict  Time
O8      Queens Tower/Thames       Tideway Scullers      1/2l     4.56
InvU8   Imperial College          Purdue Univ USA       1 1/2l   4.55
Club8   Thames                    Univ Coll Galway      1/3l     5.01
Coll8   Imperial College          Osler-Green Oxford    E        5.23
Sch/J8  St Andrew's Sch USA       Lady Eleanor Holles   3ft      5.04
O4+     Univ London               Notts&U/Bedford/Army  1l       5.24
Club4+  Tideway Scullers          Univ London           1ft      5.36
Coll4+  Edinburgh Univ            Dublin Univ           1 1/3l   5.30
Sch/J4+ Brockville Canada         Bryanston Sch         E        5.40
O4-     Thames                    Queens Tower          4l       5.18
O4x     Derby                     Thames                cvs      5.07
Lwt4x   Thames                    Kingston/Evesham      3/4l     5.05
J4x     Pengwern/ Marlow/ Furnivall/ Borlases
                                  Marlow                E        5.16
O2x     Kingston                  Molesey               1 1/2l   5.26
Lwt2x   Hereford                  Upper Thames          1/3l     5.34
J2x     George Watson's Coll      Christchurch          3l       5.41
O2-     Edinburgh Univ/ Cambridge Univ
                               Clyde/ Strathclyde Univ  E        5.40
Lwt2-   Thames                    Avon County           1 1/4l   ntt
O1x     R Carroll, NCRA           A Sanders, C of Sheff 1 1/2l   5.54
Lwt1x   S Appelboom, MAABC        A Calvert, Agecroft   E        5.57

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