Saturday 29th January 2000
2.30 pm

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START LIST (start numbers will be allocated in due course)
Class Club
1st 8o Hampton
1st 8o St Paul's
1st 8o KGS
1st 8o Monmouth
1st 8o Westminster
1st 8o Latymer
1st 8o Oratory
1st 8o King's Canterbury
2nd 8o Hampton
2nd 8o St Paul's
2nd 8o KGS
2nd 8o Bedford Modern
2nd 8o Bedford School
2nd 8o American School
MJ16 8o Latymer
MJ16 8o Eton A
MJ16 8o Monmouth
MJ16 8o KCS Wimbledon
MJ16 8o St Paul's
MJ16 8o Bryanston
MJ16 8o Eton B
3rd 8o Hampton A
3rd 8o Bedford School
3rd 8o Hampton B
MJ15 8o Westminster
MJ15 8o Hampton A
MJ15 8o Latymer A
MJ15 8o King's Canterbury
MJ15 8o KGS
MJ15 8o Bedford School
MJ15 8o Emanuel
MJ15 8o St Paul's A
MJ15 8o Bedford Modern
MJ15 8o Hampton B
MJ15 8o St Paul's B
MJ15 8o Latymer B
WJ 8o Haberdashers' Monmouth
WJ 8o American School A
WJ 8o St Paul's Girls A
WJ 8o American School B
WJ 8o St Paul's Girls B
MJ14 8x+ Emanuel
MJ14 8x+ Hampton A
MJ14 8x+ KCS Wimbledon
MJ14 8x+ Westminster
MJ14 8x+ KGS A
MJ14 8x+ Hampton B
MJ14 8x+ KGS B
MJ14 8x+ Surbiton HS
MJ 4x Tiffin A
MJ 4x Winchester
MJ 4x KCS Wimbledon A
MJ 4x King's Rochester
MJ 4x Molesey SRA
MJ 4x Emanuel A
MJ 4x Sir William Borlase
MJ 4x Momouth
MJ 4x Reading RC
MJ 4x Marlow/Sir William Borlase
MJ 4x Emanuel B
MJ 4x Tiffin B
MJ 4x KCS Wimbledon B
MJ16 4x Dulwich A
MJ16 4x Windsor Boys A
MJ16 4x King's Rochester
MJ16 4x KCS Wimbledon
MJ16 4x Oratory
MJ16 4x Henley RC
MJ16 4x Sir William Borlase
MJ16 4x Westminster
MJ16 4x Windsor Boys B
MJ16 4x Dulwich B
MJ15 4x+ Dulwich
MJ15 4x+ King's Rochester
MJ15 4x+ Tiffin
MJ15 4x+ KCS Wimbledon A
MJ15 4x+ Windsor Boys
MJ15 4x+ St George's A
MJ15 4x+ Reading RC
MJ15 4x+ Winchester
MJ15 4x+ Hampton
MJ15 4x+ Sir William Borlase
MJ15 4x+ KCS Wimbledon B
MJ15 4x+ St George's B
WJ 4x Headington
WJ 4x Molesey SRA
WJ 4x Henley RC
WJ 4x King's Canterbury
WJ16 4x Henley RC
WJ16 4x LEH
WJ16 4x Sir William Borlase A
WJ16 4x Headington
WJ16 4x Dame Alice Harpur
WJ16 4x Bedford HS
WJ16 4x Sir William Borlase B
MJ 4+ Bedford Modern
MJ 4+ King's Canterbury
MJ 4+ Eastbourne
MJ 4+ Bedford School A
MJ 4+ Marlow RC
MJ 4+ Tiffin
MJ 4+ Bedford School B
MJ 4+ King's Canterbury B
MJ16 4+ Bedford School
MJ16 4+ American School
MJ16 4+ Ryde RC
MJ16 4+ Walton RC
MJ15 4+ Bedford School
MJ15 4+ RGS Hygh Wycombe
MJ15 4+ Oratory A
MJ15 4+ Bedford Modern
MJ15 4+ Westminster
MJ15 4+ Oratory B
WJ 4+ Henley RC
WJ 4+ Bedford HS
WJ 4+ Eastbourne
WJ 4+ Reading RC
WJ 4+ St Paul's Girls (6th form)
WJ16 4+ Haberdashers' Monmouth A
WJ16 4+ Ryde RC
WJ16 4+ Haberdashers' Monmouth B
WJ15 4x+ Dame Alice Harpur
WJ15 4x+ LEH
WJ15 4x+ Putney HS
WJ15 4x+ Headington A
WJ15 4x+ Henley RC
WJ15 4x+ KGS A
WJ15 4x+ Surbiton HS
WJ15 4x+ King's Canterbury
WJ15 4x+ Headington B
WJ15 4x+ KGS B
MJ14 4x+ Westminster
MJ14 4x+ Winchester
MJ14 4x+ Walton RC A
MJ14 4x+ King's Rochester
MJ14 4x+ Hampton A
MJ14 4x+ Sir William Borlase A
MJ14 4x+ Molesey SRA
MJ14 4x+ Tiffin A
MJ14 4x+ St Neots RC
MJ14 4x+ Oratory
MJ14 4x+ Hampton B
MJ14 4x+ Sir William Borlase B
MJ14 4x+ Tiffin B
MJ14 4x+ KGS A
MJ14 4x+ Walton RC B
MJ14 4x+ KGS B
MJ14 4x+ Hampton C
WJ14 4x+ Headington A
WJ14 4x+ LEH A
WJ14 4x+ Molesey SRA
WJ14 4x+ Sir William Borlase A
WJ14 4x+ Putney HS
WJ14 4x+ Henley RC
WJ14 4x+ Bedford HS
WJ14 4x+ LEH B
WJ14 4x+ Headington B
WJ14 4x+ Sir William Borlase B
WJ14 4x+ LEH C
MJ13 4x+ Reading Bluecoat
MJ13 4x+ Reading RC
MJ13 4x+ Oratory

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