GB Team - World Junior Championships 2007

Beijing : 8- 11 August 2007

Junior Men

Junior Women

Event Result Event Result
8 JM8 7th JW8
4+ JM4+
4- JM4- GOLD JW4- 6th
4x JM4x 6th JW4x
2- JM2- 7th JW2- 9th
2x JM2x JW2x
1x JM1x 27th JW1x 4th

Events with no GB entries shown in italics.

Junior Men:

James Soane (St Paul's School)/ James Clarke (The King's School, Worcester)/ Sean Dixon (George Watson's College)/ Andrew Finlay (The King's School, Worcester)/ Calum Wright (Molesey BC)/ Patrick Lapage (Shrewsbury School)/ Alasdair Were (Radley College)/ Rory Macleod (St Peter's School)/ William Plummer (cox) (Eton College)
Coach: John Gearing (Radley College)
2nd in heat;  5th in repechage;  1st in B final (7th place overall).

Coxless Four:  
Jack Morrissey (Latymer Upper School)/ Matthew Rossiter (Abingdon School)/ George Nash (Winchester College) /Kieran Emery (Tyne RC)
Coach: Richard Boulton (ARA)
1st in heat;  1st in semi-final;  GOLD MEDAL.

Quadruple Scull:
John Preston (Yarm School)/ Andrew Ford (Henley RC)/ Phil Clapp (Maidenhead RC)/ Chris Clark (Henley RC)
Coach: Paul Moss (Henley RC)
1st in heat;  3rd in semi-final;  6th place.

Coxless Pair:
Matthew Tarrant (Walton RC)/ Matthew Anker (The Oratory School)
Coach: Mark Woodcock (The Oratory School)
3rd in heat;  1st in repechage;  5th in semi-final;  1st in B final (7th place overall).

Reserve single scull:
Alexander Walker (Henley RC)
Coach: Tom Jost (Maidenhead RC)
5th in heat;  1st in EF semi-final;  3rd in E final (27th overall)

Junior Women:

Coxless Four:
Abby Johnston (Lady Eleanor Holles School)/ Joanna Fitzsimons (St Neots RC)/ Lottie Howard-Merrill (Headington School)/ Fiona Schlesinger (Lady Eleanor Holles School)
Coach: Martyn Rooney (St. Neots RC)
4th in heat;  2nd in repechage;  6th place.

Coxless Pair:
Vicky Knight (Molesey BC)/ Emily Piggott (Bedford High School)
Coach: Ryan Demaine (Headington School)
4th in heat;  5th in repechage;  3rd in B final (9th overall).

Single Scull:
Sarah Cowburn (Worcester RC)
Coach: Paul Sterckx (Worcester RC)
1st in heat;  1st in semi-final;  4th place.


Team Manager: John Layng
Assistant Team Manager: Jennifer Song
Doctor: Jamie McLeod
Physiotherapist: Jenny Conway
Physiologist: Craig Williams
Nutritionist: Jacqueline Birtwistle
Equipment Manager: Bret King
Local Team Support (Mandarin Speaker): Dan Barry

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