Brandenburg, Germany : 3 - 6 August 2005


Lewis Beech (Stourport BC)/ Bill Lucas (Dart Totnes RC)/ Will Laughton (Northwich RC)/ Ben Duggan (Newark RC).
Coach: Richard Boulton
1st in heat; 3rd in SF;  5th in Final A; 5th overall. 

Nick Baker (Windsor Boys' School)
Coach: Tim Dorrell
4th in heat; to rep; 3rd in rep; 1st in D/E SF;  1st in Final D; 19th overall.

Rollo Hoare (Eton College)/ Alastair MacLeod (St Peter's School York)/ Tom Lucy (Monmouth School)/ Henry Swales (Eton College)
Coach: Nick Sellers
1st in heat; 1st in SF; 3rd in Final A; BRONZE MEDAL.  

Nick Fernhead (King's School Chester) [sub David Hopper (St Paul's School) in SF]/ Charlie Brereton (Pangbourne College)/ Rory Robertson (St Peter's School York)/ Tobias Garnett (King's College School Wimbledon)/ Ben Tufnell (Pangbourne College)/ Matt Evans (Eton College)/ Anthony Locke (Eton College)/ Patrick Greaney (King's School Chester)/ Charlie Linacre (Hampton School) (cox)
Coach: Alex Henshilwood (Eton College)
3rd in heat; 5th in SF; 2nd in Final B; 8th overall.  

Nathaniel Reilly-O'Donnell (St Leonard's RC)/ James Foad (Itchen Imperial RC)/ David Hopper (St Paul's School)/ Matthew Pallister (St Leonard's RC)/ Jamie Zamal (St Paul's School) (cox)
Coach: Neville Orme (King's School Chester)
3rd in heat; to rep; 3rd in rep; 1st in Final B; 7th overall.


Fern Cotterill (Wycliffe Sculling Centre)/ Jacqui Round (St Neots RC)/ Tina Stiller (St Peter's School York)/ Franki Jus-Burke (Notts County RA)
1st in heat; 2nd in SF; 3rd in Final A; BRONZE MEDAL.  

Louise Connell (Headington School)/ Rachael Jefferies (Headington School)/ Vicky Bryant (Chester le Street RC)/ Helen Blevins (Durham ARC)/ Hayley Crombie (Reading RC)/ Danielle Graham (Molesey BC)/ Stephanie McDowall (George Heriot's School)/ Frances Fletcher (Tyne RC)/ Zoe de Toledo (St. Paul's Girls) (cox)
2nd in heat; 1st in rep; 3rd in Final A; BRONZE MEDAL.  

Team Management

International Manager: David Tanner
Team Manager: John Layng
Assistant Team Manager: Bret King
Chief Coach: Peter Sheppard
Doctor: Shauna McGibbon
Physio: Jenny Conway

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