David Biddulph's Rowing activities

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David is an umpire, for British Rowing and SRA (Skiff Racing Association), and until 2015 was also a FISA international umpire. He was a member of the Thames Regional Umpires Committee from 1990 to 2014, and was for many years Hon Secretary of British Rowing's Multi-Lane Umpires Commission, and was a corresponding member of the working party on umpires' training.  He was a member of the working party on revisions to the ARA's Rules of Racing, and a member of the subsequent Rules of Racing Sub-Committee (and then of the Rules of Racing Panel). He umpired at the World Junior Championships in 2001, the World Championships in 2009, and the Olympic Games in 2012. He represented division TU-4 (Guildford to Teddington) on the Thames Regional Rowing Council and British Rowing council from the beginning of 2015 until the end of 2017.

He started his rowing career as a coxswain for LMBC at Cambridge (and rowed at 2 in the LMBC 9th May Boat which won their oars in 1972!), and moved on to Kingston RC where he coxed many successful crews, & also the Skiff Club.  He also coached a number of successful crews at KRC and at LMBC.  He is still a very occasional coxswain with KRC (won Vet D VIIIs in the Veteran Head a few years back). [He was also a member of the short-lived Marconi Underwater Rowing Club, not so called because of any tendency for sinking boats, but because the club was associated with the company then known as Marconi Underwater Systems Ltd.]

He was for about 10 years a member of the National Championships Committee (for some years responsible for Commentary & Communications, & subsequently deputy to the Chairman of the Race Committee), is a member of the commentary teams at a number of other regattas (including HRR & previously HWR), and was for 10 years Chief Timekeeper for the Women's Eights Head.

He was a member of the Event Management Committee for the World Rowing Championships 1996 in Scotland, and also worked at the World Championships 1986 in Nottingham.   He was a member of the Organising Committee for the World Rowing Championships 2006.

Some years ago he was rowing correspondent of the Surrey Comet, and (now that internet journalism has been recognised) he became a member of the British Association of Rowing Journalists.

In 2012 it was announced that he had been awarded the British Rowing Medal of Honour.

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