2nd-3rd August 1997

General Programme

Updated.  It now appears that there are likely to be only 4 events with heats, hence 8 races on Saturday morning.  However, owing to problems with doubling, there will be a gap of about an hour in the timetable on Saturday morning.  On the Saturday afternoon there will be only 4 B finals, but the pattern of 15 minutes between A finals will be maintained.  Sunday morning will follow the pattern of Saturday, except that racing will start at 0830.  It is likely that the afternnon racing will start at 1100 and finish at 1400.

28th July - 1st. August (1630hrs.) Course Open for Training
1st. August (Friday): 1800hrs. Opening Ceremony
1830hrs. Team Managers Meeting and Draw
1930hrs. Race Committee and Jury Meeting
2nd. August (Saturday): 0930hrs. Heats
1400hrs - 1730hrs. Finals
1815hrs. Team Managers & Jury Meetings
1845hrs. Coupe de la Jeunesse Delegate Meeting
1930hrs. for 2000hrs. Reception for Jury and Delegates
2000hrs. Match Dinner
3rd. August (Sunday): 0830hrs. Heats
1100hrs -1400hrs. Finals
1430hrs. Closing Ceremony

Draft Racing Programme

(* see note at head of page)

This programme provides for two heats, a final A and a final B in each event and two races for spares each day. When the entry is confirmed at the Draw on Friday 1st. August it is likely that the programme will be condensed.

The start time each day will be maintained.


0930hrs. H1 JH4+ 1400hrs. FA JH4+
0935hrs. H2 JH4+ 1405hrs. FB JH4+
0940hrs. H1 JH4- 1415hrs. FA JH4-
0945hrs. H2 JH4- 1420hrs. FB JH4-
0950hrs. H1 JH2x 1430hrs. FA JH2-
0955hrs. H2 JH2- 1435hrs. FB JH2-
1000hrs. H1 JHlx 1445hrs. FA JHlx
1005hrs. H2 JHlx 1450hrs. FB JHlx
1010hrs. H1 JH2x 1500hrs. FA JH2x
1015hrs. H2 JH2x 1505hrs. FB JH2x
1030hrs. H1 JH4x 1515hrs. FA JH4x
1035hrs. H2 JH4x 1520hrs. FB JH4x
1040hrs. H1 JFlx 1530hrs. FA JFlx
1045hrs. H2 JFlx 1535hrs. FB JFlx
1050hrs. H1 JF2x 1545hrs. FA JF2x
1055hrs. H2 JF2x 1550hrs. FB JF2x
1100hrs. H1 JF4x 1600hrs. FA JF4x
1105hrs. H2 JF4x 1605hrs. FB JF4x
1110hrs. H1 JF2- 1615hrs. FA JF2-
1115hrs. H2 JF2- 1620hrs. FB JF2-
1130hrs. H1 JF4- 1630hrs. FA JF4-
1135hrs. H2 JF4- 1635hrs. FB JF4-
1140hrs. H1 JH8+ 1645hrs. Reserve Race
1145hrs. H2 JH8+ 1650hrs. Reserve Race
1700hrs. FA JH8+
1705hrs. FB JH8+
1730hrs. Coaches Race


0800hrs. H1 JH4+ It is now likely that
Sunday's finals will
start at 1100 and
finish at 1400.
1130hrs. FA JH4+
0805hrs. H2 JH4+ 1135hrs. FB JH4+
0810hrs. H1 JH4- 1145hrs. FA JH4-
0815hrs. H2 JH4- 1150hrs. FB JH4-
0820hrs. H1 JH2- 1200hrs. FA JH2-
0825hrs. H2 JH2- 1205hrs. FB JH2-
0830hrs. H1 JHlx 1215hrs. FA JHlx
0835hrs. H2 JHlx 1220hrs. FB JHlx
0840hrs. H1 JH2x 1230hrs. FA JH2x
0845hrs. H2 JH2x 1235hrs. FB JH2x
0850hrs. H1 JH4x 1245hrs. FA JH4x
0855hrs. H2 JH4x 1250hrs. FB JH4x
0900hrs. H1 JFlx 1300hrs. FA JFlx
0905hrs. H2 JFlx 1305hrs. FB JFlx
0910hrs. H1 JF2x 1315hrs. FA JF2x
0915hrs. H2 JF2x 1320hrs. FB JF2x
0920hrs. H1 JF4x 1330hrs. FA JF4x
0925hrs. H2 JF4x 1335hrs. FB JF4x
0930hrs. H1 JF2- 1345hrs. FA JF2-
0935hrs. H2 JF2- 1350hrs. FB JF2-
0940hrs. H1 JF4- 1400hrs. FA JF4-
0945hrs. H2 JF4- 1405hrs. FB JF4-
0950hrs. Reserve Race 1415hrs. FA JH8+
0955hrs. Reserve Race 1420hrs. FB JH8+
1000hrs. H1 JH8+ 1430hrs. Closing Ceremony
1005hrs. H2 JH8+

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